Full Proof – a proud member of NetworkIN Congleton

Last year, I decided to focus, probably for the first time ever, on marketing Full Proof to my local town. First I added a listing to a Congleton business directory, then I decided to give local business networking a try. You could say that I’ve left this rather late as Full Proof was established in 2004, and while it’s certainly true that, in hindsight, I should have joined a networking group when I first went self-employed, I have learnt that it’s never too late to start!

Why didn’t I start back then? I think it was probably a lack of self-confidence. Ever since school I’ve dreaded standing up and doing a presentation in front of people, which is what I assumed business networking would involve – and it does in most instances. And when I first tried NetworkIN in Crewe early last year, it did indeed involve meeting up face to face and each doing a one-minute talk. However, I realised quickly that, actually, it wasn’t so bad – it was only one minute, after all, and all the other people there were friendly and down to earth. With talk of a Congleton team starting up in the months that were to follow, I decided I’d go to some more meetings with a view to joining the new team in due course.

Of course, Covid then happened and the Congleton team became a Zoom-based team from inception. This worked in my favour as I was far more confident and comfortable doing my ‘one-minute messages’ in front of my computer. I soon became a fully paid-up member (or advocate as they like to call it) and I’ve been enjoying the fortnightly session ever since.

One of the team’s other advocates – Beartown Voice – has become a regular client of Full Proof, and another advocate, NMC Design+Print, gave me a very competitive price to print my latest children’s book. I have also formed many friendships in the team and have received work from a number of referrals. I definitely recommend business networking to other proofreaders and editors – it’s a great way to meet other business owners in your local area and many are likely to value the services you provide!