The proofreading process

We proofread everything on screen. We don’t work with hard copies and we don’t use proofreading symbols. By using Microsoft Word’s track changes tool, we can highlight our amendments so you can see them clearly.

If we don’t understand a sentence, or if we’re unsure of the meaning of a certain word or phrase, we never guess. Instead, we will insert a comment next to the text and you can make the necessary change yourself, or you can email us to explain your intended meaning. You can click each amendment to accept or reject the changes, or you can accept all the changes in one go.

For more information on track changes, please read this article which will walk you through it. We are also familiar with Open Office if you prefer to use this software instead of Word.

Editing PDFs

We are also happy to proofread and edit PDFs. Email us the file and we will use PDF X-Change Viewer to highlight the necessary amendments.

How to send us your document

Please send us your document as an attachment via the contact page, with an additional message highlighting any specific requirements you may have.

We always try to reply as soon as possible to acknowledge receipt of your document and we will raise any issues that arise at this point. If you choose to go ahead, we will return the document fully amended within the agreed timespan.

For students, full payment is always required prior to the work commencing.

What we do

We use a team of freelance proofreaders and editors to correct your written English. We proofread all types of academic documents including essays, dissertations, theses and journal articles. We also proofread, edit and write copy for businesses, so if you need assistance with your website, blog, articles, or leaflets, we can help.

In addition, we provide proofreading and copy-editing for fiction writers. For this, we employ a specialist proofreader called Ben. Your novel, novella, short story or poem is safe in his hands.

We pride ourselves on our reliability and professional service, we always return work within the agreed timescale and we strive to maintain the highest level of quality at all times.

What we don’t do

We do not offer rewriting or paraphrasing services for students, nor do we provide plagiarism checks. With academic work we correct spelling, grammar, punctuation and sentence structure/flow with the aim of improving the clarity of your argument. The content itself remains your responsibility.

We do not guarantee that students will receive a certain mark as a result of our proofreading, we do not promise companies they will receive more business, and we do not tell authors their work is definitely going to get published after we’ve edited it.

For more details on what we do and don’t do, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.