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To complement our suite of editorial services we also provide professional audio transcription services to a diverse range of clients. Legal firms, marketing agencies, research companies, universities and medical organisations all enjoy using our reliable audio transcription services.

Our transcribers have over 15 years’ experience and highly tuned ears for even the trickiest of recordings. They have excellent typing speeds (70+ words per minute), excellent English and unwavering attention to detail. On top of this, all transcribed text is proofread by Full Proof’s CIEP-qualified proofreaders and editors.

While some companies may have in-house staff that can create business transcripts, nothing can compare to the speed, accuracy and professionalism of a highly experienced transcriptionist. At Full Proof, we are confident that our transcriptionists are as conscientious and thorough as any that the larger transcription agencies offer, yet our rates are lower than most due to having fewer overheads.

But perhaps what makes our corporate transcription service stand out most of all is our complementary proofreading service. While other transcription firms can transfer spoken words to text accurately, most will not have in-house proofreaders and editors of our calibre to give the final transcript that extra sheen that corporate clients will appreciate: a comma here, a hyphen there. That’s the added value that Full Proof can offer you, which begs the question: do you really need to look any further?

If you would like a quotation for audio transcription or wish to send an audio file, please contact us. If you have any questions about transcription or any of our other services, you may find the answer in our FAQs.

Professional transcription services

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