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Legal proofreading services 

It is imperative to ensure the utmost level of accuracy in legal writing. A typo or misplaced comma can cost your business thousands of pounds, so a second pair of eyes is most certainly required.

Full Proof can help. In addition to our proofreading services for businesses, students and authors, we also provide a legal proofreading service.

As well as being trained proofreaders, our legal proofreading team have a minimum level of postgraduate legal qualification and many years of experience working in law. As a result, the team have a wealth of knowledge over diverse legal areas.

Our team use their proofreading and language skills, together with their knowledge of the law and legal terminology, to proofread and edit a whole range of legal documents.

Crucially, Full Proof adhere to a stringent privacy policy that aligns with GDPR regulations. We are happy to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement if you wish to provide one, and we can password-protect documents that we proofread and return to you.

Please note that in addition to our legal proofreading and editing services, we offer expert legal transcription

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Who can our legal proofreaders help?

Law students

Medico-legal experts

Legal publishers

What our legal proofreading customers think…

Dr Mark Tallon, Legal Foods

“Legal Foods have been using the proof reading and editing services of Full Proof for a number of years. The quality of work and ability to turn around work in a short period of time are second to none. We would not hesitate to recommend the services of the Full Proof team.”

Kia S, Caribbean Barrister

“I had the opportunity to use their service for editing and proofreading articles for my business newsletter. The service was fast, payment was easy and the price was just right.”

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