If you’re a university student writing an essay, dissertation, thesis or journal paper, you may be advised by your supervisor to invest in a professional academic proofreading service. With over 17 years’ experience of proofreading academic documents, the Full Proof team are more than capable of assisting with this – and our rates are student-friendly, too.

But what if your supervisor also advises that you get a certificate of proofreading? The good news is we can help with that as well. If requested, we will include a certificate of proofreading free of charge when we return your proofread document to you. The certificate will show your supervisor which proofreader worked on the essay, dissertation, thesis or journal article, the dates the work was carried out and also the credentials of the proofreader in question.

What is a certificate of proofreading?

A certificate of proofreading is a simple one-page Word document that a proofreader gives to the author(s) of the academic paper that has been proofread. It contains necessary details about the academic paper in question, such as the paper’s full title, the names of the authors and the date on which the proofreading was carried out. It also lists the proofreader’s credentials, such as years of experience, qualifications, etc.

Proofreading remains an unregulated industry, and with new companies starting up all the time, it’s essential that you choose one that is honest and transparent as well as professional and competent. At Full Proof we are always looking at ways to enhance our already popular academic proofreading and editing services, and providing a certificate of proofreading is an example of our commitment to going the extra mile for clients.

If you require a certificate of proofreading for a document that we’ve worked on in the past or if you have any questions about our proofreading services for students, contact us today.

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