This testimonial really touched me

I set up Full Proof way back in 2004, which seems a lifetime ago now. I was working full-time as an in-house proofreader for Yell having recently moved to Manchester, and my friend Dave kindly built me a website under the name Full Proof, a pun-based name that I’m still very proud of today! It Read

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Need a certificate of proofreading? Full Proof have you covered!

If you’re a university student writing an essay, dissertation, thesis or journal paper, you may be advised by your supervisor to invest in a professional academic proofreading service. With over 17 years’ experience of proofreading academic documents, the Full Proof team are more than capable of assisting with this – and our rates are student-friendly, Read

wordpress website proofreading

Proofreading WordPress websites

WordPress is one of the most user-friendly content management system (CMS) available and is by far the most popular method of designing a website these days. Gone are the days of having to rely on a web designer to update your blog or your web pages – now you can simply log into WordPress and add Read

Proofreading PDFs

PDF proofreading has become an increasingly popular service of ours over the years. Back in 2004 when I started Full Proof, it was mainly Word documents that customers emailed to me, but now it’s probably 40% Word docs and 40% PDFs (the remaining percentage being PowerPoint, Excel, Google Docs and other file types). The ratio Read

Full Proof – a proud member of NetworkIN Congleton

Last year, I decided to focus, probably for the first time ever, on marketing Full Proof to my local town. First I added a listing to a Congleton business directory, then I decided to give local business networking a try. You could say that I’ve left this rather late as Full Proof was established in Read

Why is proofreading important after paraphrasing?

Plagiarism is a form of academic dishonesty in which people represent others’ ideas or words as their own. There is no doubt that plagiarism can ruin your work and efforts in just a minute. In simple speak, it is the act of deceiving someone. However, one of the best ways to avoid it is to paraphrase, Read

Full Proof awarded Certificate of Excellence again

The popular UK freelancer platform Bark have awarded Full Proof their Certificate of Excellence for the second consecutive year. Some very welcome news in what has been a tough year for everyone! According to Bark, the award aims to recognise the best professionals on the platform and those that offer an outstanding service to their Read

How to use Microsoft Word’s Track Changes tool

In a recent article we talked in detail about BSi proofeading marks and how they’re still used by many proofreaders and editors. While this is true, the majority of Full Proof’s customers are not familiar witih these symbols. Thankfully, Microsoft Word (and indeed Google Docs and other services) has a very helpful feature called Track Read

What is legal proofreading?

The world we live in, work in and play in could not exist without the network of laws that govern us. The building you are sitting in: building regulations and planning permission, rights of access, rights of ownership. The technology you are using: patents, licences, trademarks, terms, safety regulations and conditions of use. The clothes Read

Copywriting – tasty morsels or a blow-out meal?

Imagine this … it’s Sunday morning and you’ve just had a huge weekend breakfast. You’re basking in the gourmet delights of bacon, sausages, black pudding, beans … well you’ve got the picture, haven’t you?   Still sated from your hearty blow-out breakfast, you head off to visit your mum. As you know, all mums think Read

BSi symbols

The mark of a proofreader

In these days of digital editing, Google docs and MS Word’s Track Changes, it’s easy to think that traditional proofreading marks (or proof correction symbols) – those hieroglyphics that indicate corrections to the final proofs of a text before it goes to print – are a thing of the past. No-one uses the marks any Read

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The difference between copy-editing and proofreading

When a writer places the last full stop to their manuscript it may come after a long process and with great relief but, if the reader is to get the most from the work, it is always advisable to carry out a series of checks. Experienced authors often leave their completed manuscript for some days Read

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Spellcheck won’t save you

There are two common responses when I tell people I’m a freelance proofreader and copy-editor: ‘Oh, I’d be good at that; I always notice spelling mistakes’ or ‘Can’t you just run spellcheck?’ While the latter is the most eye-roll inducing, both are based on a misconception of what a proofreader or editor does all day. Read

Proofreading tips: Four quick ways to proofread a document

We’ve all experienced a deadline that’s crept up on us – whether for work, university or something more personal. It’s not ideal, but it happens! In these scenarios, it’s easy to think: “I don’t have time to proofread – I’ll just print/send it as it is.” However, there are some quick ways you can improve Read

­Starting out as an editorial professional: Should you specialise?

So you’re serious about pursuing a career as a freelance proofreader or editor. You’ve had a look at the top ways of making money from home and you’ve established proofreading as a viable option based on your skill set. You’ve done some industry-recognised training, or you’re in the process of doing it. Now it’s time Read

It’s just a number

Numbers can be tricky – do you write them as figures (1,2,3, etc.) or do you write them as words (one, two, three, etc.)? How do you hyphenate compound words containing numbers? How do you deal with a mixture of figures and words? Dealing with numbers is important for clarity and readability in all forms Read

Is it a dash? Is it a hyphen? No, it’s super-confusing!

They may all look like simple horizontal bars, but the dash and the hyphen have different jobs to do in the world of punctuation. Our article entitled Just doing my job: the helpful hyphen deals with the very helpful job of the hyphen: to eliminate, wherever possible, confusion or ambiguity by linking words which are Read

Gender and vocabulary – walking the tightrope of political correctness

In professional writing it is very important that the reader understands the message we are trying to convey. Just as we don’t want the reader to be distracted by poor grammar or spelling, we equally don’t want them to be offended or distracted by our choice of vocabulary. This is particularly important when using non-gender-specific Read

RIP the paper dictionary

Here at Full Proof, dictionaries and grammar reference books are in constant use by the proofreading team. Whether it’s a subject-specific technical term or just a word that’s not in regular use, our professional proofreaders are trained to find the correct words and their usage. Our dictionaries and reference books are the tools of our Read

Just doing my job: the helpful hyphen

You may seen Grammar Man in our student proofreading video. Grammar Man is our linguistic superhero, saving the world from grammatical blunders. Well, we’d also like to introduce you to Mr Helpful – the hyphen. He and the rest of his punctuation teammates (comma, full stop, colon, semicolon, apostrophe, quotation mark, bracket, dash, ellipsis, slash, Read

Grammar – what’s all the fuss about?

We all know what the word ‘grammar’ means, or at least we think we do. For most people, mentioning the word ‘grammar’ brings back memories of school English lessons and the constant drumming of rules. The Collins English Dictionary (Ninth Edition) 2007 defines ‘grammar’, in part, as ‘The branch of linguistics that deals with syntax Read

The Internet has changed lives, and it’s changing language too

The past 20 years have seen enormous advances in communication. In mobile phone communication we have moved from basic text messages in 2001 to sophisticated apps in 2012 and on to possible neutrino-based communication in the future. In terms of the Internet, we have moved from simple browsing capabilities to online shopping and playing games; Read