In 2016, we received an email from John Casson MBE, an entrepreneur, philanthropist and ex-policeman, who had just finished writing his autobiography, the intriguingly titled A Bored Casson Is A Dangerous Person. Having read a few pages of the sample John provided, Full Proof owner Nick Jones was hooked and wanted to read the rest, and that would mark the beginning of a long and cherished business relationship between the two men.

Whilst the book was already in good shape by the time it reached Nick’s inbox, John had a situation on his hands because he was on strict time limit. John had long planned to have the book published before Christmas 2016 as he wanted to send 150 signed copies to friends as a surprise Christmas present.

Due to logistical issues, there had been unforeseen delays in the book’s production and now time was against him, and the book required an edit and proofread before being sent to print. Some of John’s intended recipients of a signed copy, who had been integral to John’s great success in business over the years, were elderly and frail, and John was concerned that if he missed the deadline, they would not be around to enjoy receiving the book the following Christmas.

Nick proposed to John that his colleague and close friend Ben Corrigan copy-edit the book and then, once John had reviewed Ben’s suggestions, Nick would proofread the final version. John is a perfectionist and takes great pride in all of his business ventures and charity events that he organises, so it made sense to him to have two sets of eyes on the book. He agreed and Ben set to work. Within a few short weeks, the book was back on schedule, and John’s many friends and acquaintances received their copies as Christmas presents, as planned. In return, Ben and Nick picked up some valuable life lessons from the book, not to mention some useful tips on running a business – so a definite win-win situation all round!

John said, ‘Nick and Full Proof provided me with a truly excellent and professional service which enabled me to have the book printed and distributed before Christmas 2016. I have used them successfully on other projects since then.’

John Casson autobiography cover

We thoroughly enjoyed working with John on his book and have since helped him with numerous other business documents and website texts over the years. You can buy his book here.


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