Since 2017, Full Proof have provided proofreading and editing services to The Happy Consultancy Group. Based in the UK and Malaysia, THCG are on a mission to spread happiness, which they achieve very successfully with their innovative training courses that are tailored to each client.

helen and andy

Helen and Andy, co-founders of THCG

Working with many major brands such as Royal Mail and British Airways, it is imperative that all their materials are perfectly presented, written in clear, engaging, error-free English. We’ve forged a strong relationship with co-founders Helen Lawrence and Andy Fisher and are proud to be part of their Happy Alliance.

In 2023, Helen approached Full Proof MD Nick Jones with a new task. As their teams grow, it’s crucial that their in-house quality checking procedures are thorough so that there is less ‘back and forth’ internally before the various documents are sent to Full Proof for proofreading. Helen asked Nick if he would be able to devise and deliver a virtual masterclass session to THCG’s teams in the UK and Malaysia, sharing some useful lessons on grammar and top tips on how to spot errors.

This was a little outside of Nick’s comfort zone, but he quickly accepted the challenge. Having proofread hundreds of PowerPoint presentations for numerous clients, it was time for him to create one of his very own! A month later, he delivered the masterclass to ‘Team Happy’. To make it more interesting, he used real-life examples from materials he’d previously proofread for the company, to highlight ways in which he’d corrected their original text. This made it easier to teach them why it was wrong in the first place, and how to spot such errors in their own writing in future.

From Nick’s Masterclass slideshow

The session proved to be an enjoyable, educational experience for everyone who took part (including Nick himself, who learnt that he wasn’t as adverse to doing presentations as he thought he was).

Co-founder and Chief Happiness Officer, Helen Lawrence, said: “The quality of our solutions means everything to us and our clients, so we’re always looking to develop ourselves in the fine art of quality checking our work. Everyone has a part to play in creating client happiness. When we asked Nick if he would deliver a session to our team to help boost their confidence and skill quality checking work, he jumped at the opportunity.

‘The session was great – inspiring, thought-provoking and even fun! The team left much more aware of the importance of quality and with some great tips on how to make sure everything is tip top! Nick is such a valued member of our Happy Alliance – we would be lost without him, with his keen eye for detail but also his passion and willingness to jump to action whenever it’s needed. We can’t wait to continue our work together and highly recommend Nick and his team!’ 

Thanks to Helen for reaching out, and thanks to THCG in general for being such a wonderful (and happy!) customer.

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