WordPress is one of the most user-friendly content management system (CMS) available and is by far the most popular method of designing a website these days. Gone are the days of having to rely on a web designer to update your blog or your web pages – now you can simply log into WordPress and add content yourself.

However, as with any content that a company produces, it’s essential that you communicate with your audience clearly and professionally. To ensure this, when you’ve paid a WordPress web designer to create a website for your business, it is always prudent to employ a proofreader to check your pages, blog posts, case studies, testimonials, product descriptions – you name it.

Proofreading websites is not as straightforward as proofreading Word documents or PDFs. As the content is hosted on a website, you can’t interact with it on-screen using Track Changes like in Word or add comment bubbles like you can with Adobe PDF editing programs. One solution is to copy the content from each web page and paste it into Word. This does allow the proofreader to change the text directly using Track Changes, but it’s cumbersome for the proofreader, who will likely charge extra for the time taken to copy and paste everything, and it also creates work for the customer, who will obviously have to copy and paste the text back into WordPress or whichever CMS they use.

Another option, which isn’t offered by many proofreading companies but can certainly be fulfilled by Full Proof, is direct editing of content within WordPress’s back end. I have designed numerous WordPress sites over the years for clients and currently operate over 10 of my own WP sites including this one. I am therefore confident that I can save clients time and hassle by logging into their site and making direct changes to their online content.

One downside of proofreading WordPress websites in this way is visibility – the client can’t see the changes that are made to the content like they can in Word. They have to just put their trust in the proofreader. Another concern that the website owner may have is that the proofreader may break the site. This is a legitimate worry as mistakes can happen, and the last thing a business owner would want is to actually lose the content they’d spent time creating! Again, it comes down to trusting the proofreader, and thankfully Full Proof has an excellent reputation built on over 15 years in business, with hundreds of positive reviews online. Couple this with my experience of maintaining WordPress websites and you can rest assured that if you require a proofread of your WordPress site, we can take care of it, by logging into an account you create especially for us and carefully changing the text directly.

If you’re interested in hearing more about our WordPress proofreading and editing services, please contact us today.

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